Learn to Fly at Wiley Post Airport in Northwest Oklahoma City

Learn to Fly at Wiley Post Airport in Northwest Oklahoma City

Is your heart really in the clouds? Would you rather sail the skies rather than have your feet on the ground? Then look into flying lessons not far from our apartments near Wiley Post Airport. AirOne Flight Academy operates out of Wiley Post Airport and offers a range of flying lessons, including a Private Pilot Certificate course, Instrument Rating, … [Read more...]

Join The Club at Quail Springs Mall for Discounts

Quail Springs Mall

Living in a townhouse near Quail Springs Mall means being a short 10-minute drive away from some of the area's best shopping. If you love to save as much as you love to shop, you should join The Club. Members of The Club receive information about the latest promotions, special discounts and mall events via email or text. Sign up for free online to … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Our Wall-to-Wall, Plush Pile Carpeting

The Benefits of Our Wall-to-Wall, Plush Pile Carpeting

Your Oklahoma City townhouse with carpeting that is plush and wall-to-wall offers you several advantages over an apartment that has tile, ceramic flooring, or hardwood. Carpet provides cushioned comfort for your feet, which is wonderful if you've spent all day at work logging miles on the soles of your shoes. When you get home, you can kick your … [Read more...]

Volunteer for the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma


Giving back to your community is important for several reasons. Not only does it benefit the community in which you work and live, but it also gives you a positive feeling when you offer a bit of kindness, no matter how small, to others in need without expecting anything in return. A great way to volunteer in Oklahoma City is by joining the Great American … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Oklahoma City: Guernsey Park’s Modern Cuisine


If you are on the hunt for a restaurant in Oklahoma City that will provide you with an upscale dining experience, a mouthwatering menu of creative dishes, and excellent service, there is one place in Downtown Oklahoma City that you don't want to miss. Located right between two unique downtown districts, one filled with historical architecture and the … [Read more...]

3 Upcoming Races in Oklahoma City for Kids


Across the country, kids are getting off the couch and joining their parents in fun runs and walks to raise awareness and generate donations for worthy causes. Three races in Oklahoma City offer children this opportunity in the near future. The Rosebud Classic on April 5, 2014 at Nichols Hills Plaza, children will gather at 11 am for a one-mile race … [Read more...]

Learn How to Thrive at the Oklahoma Health and Wellness Expo


The Oklahoma Health and Wellness Exposition is coming your way on Saturday, March 29, 2014; this event is bringing healthcare education to the people of Oklahoma City. The exposition will help you learn how to provide a healthy path for your family. Vendors will provide access to the newest products on the market and talk to you about how to best use the … [Read more...]

Pack a Light Saber for Kids Night at Science Museum Oklahoma


If your little ones are getting restless sitting inside your OKC apartment, take them out for a fun experience they will never forget at the Science Museum! The Museum offers plenty of kid-friendly activities in Oklahoma City to keep your kids engaged and entertained. One of the coolest events happening at the Science Museum Oklahoma is Bright Nights, an … [Read more...]

Help OK Humane Society Through Pics Saving Pets


If there's a pet running around your pet-friendly apartment in OKC, you'll be happy to know that there are folks out there helping to take care of pets less fortunate than yours. In fact, tell your pet, and watch his tail wag in excitement at that news. The folks at the Oklahoma Humane Society are doing a wonderful job of making sure pets throughout the … [Read more...]

Horribly Fun: The Underground Monster Carnival in OKC


For those of you who like quick and easy access to other parts of the city when you are looking for great dining, shopping, and entertainment options, our Oklahoma City apartments are located close to the Northwest Expressway. This convenient location gives you routes to anywhere in the city and beyond, and we are also less than 20 minutes away from the … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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Know What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Know What to Do if Your Pet Is Poisoned

It's always nice to be able to share your Case & Associates apartment with your beloved four-legged companion, and you've likely created a home that is as pet-proof and safe for your pet as possible. Despite your precautions, however, there might come a time when your pet has gotten a little too curious about something and accidentally ingested a … [Read more...]

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

It's everyone's dream to find a comfortable area within America where they can live and raise a family. It is a big bonus when that place is also affordable. We are pleased to say that our premier apartments in Oklahoma fit that bill perfectly, and folks across the country are starting to take notice. Most people are surprised to learn that Tulsa is … [Read more...]

Decor DIY: Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Decor DIY Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Everyone likes to have nice furniture, but regardless of whether it's new or old, it doesn't take much for scratches and blemishes to besmirch the finish. When that happens, you can either refinish the piece, live with it, or touch it up so that your furniture looks brand new again. One easy apartment decorating tip is to pick up some contact paper from … [Read more...]

Mayfest: Tulsa’s Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

Mayfest Tulsa's Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

It's time to mark the calendar at your Case & Associates apartment and make sure you don't miss the Tulsa International Mayfest coming to the area in May. From May 15 to 18, this free, four-day art and music festival will be in town providing you with plenty of things to do and see in a family-friendly atmosphere. The Mayfest event will be held in … [Read more...]

Apartment Maintenance Tips for Squeaky Doors and Floors

Apartment Maintenance Tips for Squeaky Doors and Floors

Our Case & Associates apartment communities are well-maintained by a professional team of technicians, but you might have some little issues here and there that need some minor attention. If you have something small that doesn't really need a maintenance technician to handle, there are different ways you can fix the issue yourself and have it … [Read more...]